Sneak Peek at theater season: Part Four Ravenswood and North

Black Ensemble Theater has an excellent venue at 4450 N. Clark St. (Black EnsembleTtheater photo)
Black Ensemble Theater has an excellent venue at 4450 N. Clark St. (Black Ensemble Ttheater photo)

The old “It’s hard to keep track without a scorecard” certainly applies to Chicago’s huge theater offerings each year. So consider the “Sneak Peak”series your personal scorecard where you can put a check next to those shows you think you would like to see.

Because there are more than 200 theater production companies in the Chicago area the series is divided into regions. Not all companies are listed because some still have to finalize their season and not all theater venues are included because some are multi-purpose and host several events other than plays.  However, the series still is a way to find out what a company you like has planned and what shows will be coming in the 2018-19 season.

As mentioned before, some companies and venues use theater and others use  theatre. Part Four lists many of the companies in the Ravenswood and north to Evanston region.


Black Ensemble Theater

Located at 4450 N Clark St., Black Ensemble is currently doing “Rick Stone: the Blues Man,” extended through Sept 9, followed by “Women of Soul” Oct. 20 –Dec.2, 2018.

For tickers and other information call (773) 769-4451  and visit Black Ensemble Theater.


The Factory Theater,

The venue is at 1623 W. Howard. St. The Factory Theater plans “The Darkness After Dawn” for Fall, “.38 and Baile” for Spring and “Prophet$” for Summer. Also in the venue, the Aleatoric Theatre is doing “Come ‘n Go” Sept. 7-30.

For tickets and other information visit The Factory Theatre and Aleatoric Theatre.


Griffin Theatre

The theatre is at  5405 N. Clark St. Griffin is currently doing  “The Harvest” through Aug. 25.  For tickets and other information call (773) 769-2228 and visit Griffin  Theatre.


Lifeline Theatre

The theatre, 6912 N. Glenwood Ave. is doing “Frankenstein” Sep.t 7-Oct. 28, 2018  then in 2019, “The Man Who Was Thursday”  Feb. 15-Apr. 7 and “Emma” May 24-July 14.

For tickets and other information call (773) 761-4477 and visit Lifeline Theatre.


Pride Arts Center

The venue is at 4139 N. Broadway . Currently at the Center are “F-Men thru Aug. 25 ,“Holding Men” thru Aug. 26 and “Hurricane damage, thru Aug. 26..  “Homos: Or Everyone in America” Aug. 30-Sept. 30  then “It’s Only A Play” Oct. 11-Nov. 11

For tickets and more information visit Pride Films and Plays.


Raven Theatre

Located at 6157 N. Clark St. Raven Theatre is doing “Crumbs From the Table of Joy” Oct. 4-Nov. 18, “How I Learned to Drive” Feb. 7-Mar. 24, 2019 , “Yen” Mar. 21-May 5 and “The Undeniable Sound of Right Now” May 2-June 16.

Also at Raven, AstonRep is doing “The Lonesome West” Oct. 18-Nov. 18 then “The Crowd You’re In With” May 16-June 19.

For tickets and other information call (773) 338-2177  and visit Raven Theatre and AstonRep.


Red Tape Theatre

Now at The Ready, 4546 N. WesternAve. , Red Tape Theatre is doing “The Shipment” Sept. 7-Oct. 17. For tickets and other information visit RedTape Theatre.


Redtwist Theatre

The theatre, located at 1044 W. Bryn Mawr Ave., is doing “Six Degrees of Separation” Sept 8-Oct 7. For tickets and other information call (773) 728-7529  and visit Redtwist.


Rivendell Theatre Ensemble

Located at 5779 N. Ridge Ave., the ensemble is doing “The Scientific Method” Oct. 19-Dec. 2. For tickets and other information call (773) 334-7728 and visit Rivendell Theatre.


Steep Theatre

The theatre, 1115 W. Berwny Ave.,  is currently doing “Linda” through Sept. 15. For tickets and other information call (773) 649-3186 and visit Steep Theatre.


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