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Edward Hopper Gas 1940 The Museum of Modern Art NY

Enjoy the Musee d’Orsay in Paris. Go into the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Cross back over the pond to New York to visit the Museum of Modern Art. While in NYC explore the huge Metropolitan Museum of Art without wearing out the shoes.

The first two places are excellent stills and 180 degree shots you can maneuver to see galleries and works up close. The next two places you visit are really good YouTube videos that are part of the Great Museums film series.

Musée d”Orsay

Google Arts & Culture takes you to Paris’ famed Musée d”Orsay to see works by Renoir, Monet,  Manet and Degas among others. Its giant clock is a reminder that the museum is housed in the former Gare d’Orsay railway station and hotel on the Seine’s Left bank across from the Tuileries Gardens.

Instead of watching a video, with this visit you go to the floor you want, the work you want and the views of the galleries.

Van Gogh Museum

On this site you can scroll down past highlighted works by Vincent van Gogh to four circles, each a different floor for you to visit at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.


What is modern? What is art? The video on New York’s Museum of Modern Art starts with those often asked questions, then takes you on a tour so you can find your own answers.


As expected with a building that stretches 1,000 feet along New York’s Fifth Avenue at Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is filled with more than paintings. It’s two million square feet covers multi cultures and multi centuries. Stay with the video after its introduction to get to the film itself to answer its question “What makes a masterpiece.”


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