New Marriott musical is spellbinding


Katherine Thomas and Heath Saunders in 'Darling Grenadine' at Marriott Theatre. (Photo by Liz Lauren)
Katherine Thomas and Heath Saunders in ‘Darling Grenadine’ at Marriott Theatre. (Photo by Liz Lauren)

3 ½ stars

When the music is good, the songs are good, the voices are good and the staging is good, the show, in this case, “Darling Grenadine,” deserves to be seen and appreciated even if the subject is not at the top of theater-goers’ list of musicals must-do.

Conceived and written by Daniel Zaitchick about stress leading to alcohol addiction that is often experienced by musicians and others in the entertainment industry , the show is more in line with the personal battles of “Next to Normal” than Marriott’s next play, “Something Rotten,” that is a comedic musical about trying to write a hit show.

Whereas “Something Rotten,” was a full-fledged, 2015 Broadway musical comedy hit, “Darling Grenadine”  is more an intimate, chamber musical that is making its way from its concert form at LA;s Rockwell Table & Stage and continued its fleshing out at Johnny Mercer Writers Colony  of Goodspeed Musicals in East Haddam, CT before presented by Marriott in what is labeled a Midwest premiere.

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