Theater: Thoughts about ‘Hamilton’

Assuming you are one of thousands of theater goers who plan to see Hamilton – the hit musical by multi-award-winning lyricist, composer, performer Lin-Manuel Miranda – when it is in Chicago because tickets are easier to come by and cheaper than in New York, think about why you want to see the show.

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Review: “Disney’s Newsies”

"Newsies at Cadillac Palace Theatre thru Aug. 7
“Newsies” at Cadillac Palace Theatre thru Aug. 7


“Newsies” fight publishing tycoons with sling-shot headlines

The touring company of “Newsies” is as exciting as the headlines that sell papers. The lead actors who battle Joseph Pulitzer on his unfair practices are terrific, but it is the high energy of the company’s talented dancers and singers who will likely have you recommending this Tony Award winning musical.

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Review: “War Paint”



“War Paint,” a period piece, reminds that makeup is still big business

A musical about the intense rivalry between Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden, the world’s makeup/skin care queens during the first half of the 20th century, “War Paint” can be appreciated on several levels.

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Review: “My Son The Waiter: A Jewish Tragedy”


Waiting tables becomes a comedy source in “My Son the Waiter: A Jewish Tragedy”

Brad Zimmerman, a stand-up comedian who has opened for Joan Rivers and George Carlin, regales audiences with tales of waiter-customer encounters (“Lady, is anything all right?”) in his one-man show, “My Son the Waiter: A Jewish Tragedy.” He also throws in a lot of Jewish-mother imposed guilt and his own lack of ambition.

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