Art: Three shows to see before they leave

Oops. If waiting until fall to fill in activity calendar dates you might miss out on some of summer’s really good art museum shows. No need to say oops. Take a peek at this short round-up then mark in the ones you want to catch.

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Arts and crafts shows in August and September – 2016

Art FairBrowsing an art fair is a fun way to see a town or neighborhood you might not have visited, a good way to get some exercise without feeling guilty for not power walking and a way to take care of holiday presents without bucking the holiday crowds. You might even find something for a wall that needs some color. Here are some of the best art fairs still to come this August and September so get out your calendar or save to your phone. BTW all the fairs listed here have at least 100 exhibitors. Most of the them also have entertainment and food. Many have a kids’ section where youngsters can have fun with art..

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